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As with all reputable schools, we get the majority of our new student recommendations through word of mouth - here is what our students and parents have to say about us: 

“Both my girls have been with Miss Emma from the time she took over ADS, they really enjoy dancing and always achieve great results in exams too!”

“I love being a part of Amersham Dance Studio and up until now I didn't realise how long I have been there. I love knowing that I have lots in common with everyone in my classes and we are all here because we love to dance. Whilst also progressing in ballet I have made friendships for life. Miss Emma is a loving and friendly teacher. I have been a part of Amersham Dance Studio for 10 years now and I consider them as my family.”


“Our daughter has been attending ADS classes for ten years now. The initial dream of twirling on tiptoes like Angelina Ballerina had to wait until she was ready to be fitted with her first ever pair of pointe shoes. A very special family occasion which even her grandad was present to. We always look forward to coming to watching sessions and grand ballet shows. They are the real proof of how professional and high quality the teaching in ADS is.”


“My daughter has been enjoying coming to ADS for years. The teachers create a friendly and warm environment whilst maintaining high standards.  My daughter has progressed so much over the years; it has been lovely to see her start as a little toddler in a tutu and progressively become a skilled ballerina.  The grades are taken when the children are ready, so my daughter has always been excited rather than nervous about them and has sometimes obtained very high marks.  She is always keen to go to her lesson, meet her friends and dance; she is forever tapping and twirling at home. I would highly recommend ADS.”


“My daughter has been dancing with Amersham Dance Studio from the beginning of her dance journey (from age 5 yrs), she is now almost 13years old and still loves coming each week.  She has made some lifelong friends through dance and the support and encouragement that Miss Emma and Miss Gemma show is outstanding.  They support their dancers and the whole family. The highlight of any dance school is of course the shows and we love the amount of time, organisation and the imagination that goes into these and all the children absolutely love performing in them. I do not hesitate to recommend ADS to anyone that is looking for a friendly, welcoming, professional dance school.”


“I love coming to ballet and tap each week because Miss Emma and Miss Gemma make the lessons fun.  I have made some good friends and love catching up with them each week. The shows are one of the best, I love the costumes and outfits that we wear for our dances. I can't think of a more fun environment I’d rather learn ballet and tap in.

Thank you Miss Emma and Miss Gemma!"

"Miss Emma has taught my daughter from an early age and I could not recommend Amersham Dance Studio enough. Friendly and professional staff who strive to achieve the best from the students, while making sure they enjoy it. They put on the best shows and my daughter is sad that she will soon be unable to attend when she leaves for university."

“My daughter has been attending Amersham Dance Studio for many years now and has made fantastic progress.  It is the one activity that has ’stuck’ and I think that is testimony to Miss Emma’s dedication to the students she works with.  The classes are focused but fun.  I was impressed with the way ADS adapted during lockdown and, although my daughter struggled with dancing on Zoom, with Miss Emma’s help she has battled through and learnt her new dances really well.  We are so looking forward to the show!”

“My daughter has been learning ballet at The Amersham dance Studio since she was 5. She is now 16 and loves it as much as she did when she started 11 years ago. Lessons are always structured and supportive so that my daughter has continued to improve and work her way through the grading system. Lessons are also fun and there is a great sense of camaraderie and mutual support between the dancers. As well as grades, there is the much-loved biennial show that is still going ahead despite over a year of lockdown. Lessons also have continued throughout lockdown, thanks to the dedication and commitment of the teachers.”

“I have been dancing at Amersham Dance Studio for 11 years now and going to my classes is still the highlight of my day. Not only do I love going for the dance purposes, I also love the sense of friendship in my classes – I have met many friends through the studio that I wouldn’t have met had I not started dance. As well as being fun, my classes are hard work and my teacher always pushes me to the best of my ability. I was also lucky enough to be in the first group of students who took their Intermediate Foundation exam and we travelled to take it in Battersea at the Royal Academy of Dance – it was an experience I won’t forget. My favourite time of year is the summer term just before the show that is spent preparing our show dances. We always have so much fun and the atmosphere on the actual show day is amazing."

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