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Terms and Conditions

Your agreement with us on registration:


1. To give half a term’s notice of withdrawal or accept to pay half a term’s fees in lieu.

2. To pay the term’s fees prior to half term. Fees unpaid at the end of half term will accrue 10% interest.

3. To equip your child with the necessary articles of clothing and to arrive with hair neatly styled.

4. That no refunds will be made for classes missed through illness, injury or circumstances out of our control (i.e. weather)

5. That Amersham Dance Studio is not responsible for lost possessions.

6. That your child will only be entered for examinations at the discretion of the Principal, with your consent prior to entry.

7. To pay extra coaching and examination fees when required.

8. To advise the Principal of any change in address, email or telephone numbers.

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